About Us

Ion Engineering Inc. is a collaboration of oil and gas experts with extensive experience in engineering, asset integrity, construction and regulatory compliance.

Our goal is to become an industry leader by providing a complete cradle to grave approach for the oil and gas sector.  This includes providing complete engineering/procurement/construction services on new facilities along with the required asset integrity/regulatory compliance services to maximize runtime and limit failures.

Our client relation approach allows us to put the clients needs first by supplying services that are tailored for their specific needs while also ensuring compliance with all relevant codes and regulations.

Company Timeline

908558 AB LTD

Contract Production Operations which include Gas Processing Facilities, Oil and Gas wells, Water Injection, Sour Gas Fields, Metering Equipment.

Jag Logistics International

Construction and Operations company specializing in providing oil and gas processing facilities to Western Africa.

Josh Wierenga Contracting

Asset Integrity company specializing in providing pressure equipment and pipeline services for Western Canada.

Griffin Engineering Solutions Ltd.

Engineering company that specializes in process, facility and corrosion engineering services internationally.

Ion Engineering Inc.

Collaboration of Jag Logistics International, Griffin Engineering Solutions Ltd and Josh Wierenga Contracting to provide a true Life Cycle approach to oil and gas infrastructure by offering design engineering, construction, asset integrity and regulatory compliance services.

Leadership Team

Profile picture of Joey Kjelland President and Engineering Services

Joey Kjelland

President and Engineering Services

As president, Joey Kjelland is committed to Ion Engineering becoming the industry leader in regards to cradle to grave approach in design, operation and asset integrity/maintenance for the oil and gas industry.   His broad background in operations, asset integrity and engineering in process, production and corrosion engineering disciplines has allowed him to experience the full life of the industry.  He has a B.Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alberta and professional engineering designation with APEGA, APEGS and Engineers and Geoscientists BC.  Joey also holds API 510/570 Inspector Certifications along with Senior Internal Corrosion Technologist through NACE.

Profile picture of J Josh Wierenga VP Asset Integrity

Josh Wierenga

Vice President of Asset Integrity

As VP of Asset Integrity, Josh Wierenga is committed to implementing the most effective program to reduce downtime and increase reliability for both pipelines and pressure equipment.  Josh’s Mechanical Engineering Technologist degree and API 510/570, ABSA ISI-PVPP Inspector Certifications have allowed him to develop a strong operations background. His years spent as a plant and field operator has earned him the reputation as a highly respected asset integrity inspector/chief in the oil and gas community.

Profile picture of Jordon Kjelland VP of Facilities

Jordon Kjelland

Vice President of Facilities

Jordon Kjelland has a strong operations and facility construction background with his 20+ years in the oil and gas industry.  His project management experience has taken him throughout Western Canada, UAE with most of his time focussed in the West African market. He was heavily involved in multiple field production facilities design as well as procurements of processing equipment. His diverse background includes facility construction/commissioning, Instrumentation/Electrical, and operations of pipelines, gas and oil processing facilities, Tank Farm Construction up to 50,000bbls, and Hi-Voltage power generation sites. Jordon also holds certificates such as API 510,1169, and FLIR Optical Gas Imaging Detection for Fugitive Emissions.