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MT Inspection

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Non-Destructive Examination

Ion’s complete facility and pipeline integrity testing and evaluation services are supplemented by our expertly conducted Non-Destructive examination (NDE) component for a more complete picture.

Ion is a certified NDE provider, specializing in Ultrasonic (UT), Magnetic Particle (MPI), and Liquid Penetrant (LP) testing.

These services, sometimes referred to as Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) or Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI), are a collection of technologies and methods designed to give our experts an incredible level of insight into the structural integrity and reliability of key components of many oil & gas structures.

NDE/NDT is a quality assurance and control tool that is required by governing bodies across various industries. The purpose of this added QA check is to prevent future failures which can have catastrophic consequences to a business' reputation and bottom line - not to mention the threat failure poses to human life and well-being and the environment.

In North America's oil & gas industry NDE is part of a rigorous quality control program designed to keep the industry safe and functioning efficiently. The methods and techniques employed by our technicians at Ion are completely compliant with the regulations set by the jurisdictions in the industries we serve.

Our Level I – Level III certified NDE technicians have extensive inspection experience with each of these technologies and applied methods in the Upstream and Midstream energy sectors.

  • Corrosion mapping and monitoring
  • Baseline thickness validation
  • Crack defect identification
  • Stainless steel crack identification
  • Erosion monitoring
  • Sand management program validation
  • Particle material identification (PMI)
  • Magflux Leakage (MFL) detection
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