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Ion utilizes the latest Intrinsically Safe Technology to provide our clients with the safest and most accurate methods available to detect, quantify and eliminate emission sources.

Our technicians are specialized in conducting Baseline Tests, Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) and Methane Reduction Projects.

Ion is one of the few approved service providers for the Baseline and Reduction Assessment Program that provides funding for oil and gas operators to detect and reduce their emissions.

What sets Ion apart from our competition is the level of experience and credentials of our technicians. We utilize the same inspectors for our emissions surveys as we do for our pressure equipment and pipeline integrity programs.  This means that our technicians on our clients sites have a combination of the following:

• Engineering degree or engineering tech. diploma
• 10+ years experience as field and gas plant operators
• FLIR® Level 1 Thermography
• FLIR® Leve 1 OGI
• API 510 / 570 / 653 / 1169 Inspectors Certifications
• ABSA ISI-PVPP Certified Inspectors
• TSASK In-Service Inspectors – Class 1, 2, 3

Ion is an approved service provider of CNTRAL Emissions Data Management Software.  The software automatically determines what regulatory requirements apply to your operating area and applies the appropriate scheduling to keep your program compliant.

  • Fugitive emissions surveys
  • Surface Casing Vent Flows
  • Compressor Seals Emissions Measurements
  • Pneumatics Device and Inventory
  • Extended Flow and Gas Composition Analysis
  • Repair Confirmations
  • Storage Tank Losses
  • Economic Analysis
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