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With the ever-growing global energy demands and the emphasis to provide greener/cleaner energy, it is more important than ever to have a safe and dependable distribution system for oil and gas companies taking their product to market. Pipelines are among the safest and most economical methods for product distribution − if they are managed and maintained properly.

We utilize the latest technologies to provide the most comprehensive service possible to our clients. This includes:

• Integration with Ion’s mobile operations “runsheet” to capture all relevant data, such as pigging events, chemical injections, right-of-way inspections, valve maintenance, water crossings, etc.

• Utilization of the latest Risk Assessment software available to truly understand pipeline infrastructure liabilities so appropriate mitigation and monitoring strategies can be implemented.

• Leveraging of the latest database integration technology to ensure all files and critical data are retained and effectively analyzed to help build and maintain a proactive approach to pipeline integrity.

  • Pipeline Integrity Management
  • Software and database management
  • Risk Assessments
  • Engineering Assessments
  • Inline Inspection (Smart Pigging) implementation and analysis
  • Integrity Digs
  • Repairs
  • Failure Analysis
  • Damage Mechanism Identification and Mitigation
  • Pipeline Discontinuations and Abandonments
  • Pipeline Flow Schematics
  • Internal and External Direct Assessments
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